CT140 PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack) CT140 PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack) CT140 PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack) CT140 PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack) CT140 PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack) CT140 PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack)
CT140 PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack)

CT140 PC Cooling Fan (2-Fan Pack)

CT140 PC Cooling Fans are Thermaltake’s new generation PWM fans designed to fit all PC usage scenarios. The CT Series Fans have a fan speed of 1500 RPM and are made with specially tuned fan blades that can push the air further. The new Cable-Integrated Daisy-Chain Design provides more flexibility in cable management.

Detailed Craftsmanship Pushes Through Limits

After numerous research, tests, and modifications, we finally tuned our CT series fan blades to meet our expectations and beyond their limits. These seven fan blade structured fans can provide a 2.3 mm-H2O air pressure and an airflow of 77.37 CFM while maintaining its noise level at 30.5 db-A, allowing you to enjoy these well-balanced performance fans under a friendly budget.

Less Cable, More Friendly

The new cable-integrated daisy-chain design allows the fans to be directly connected, so it minimizes demands of 4-pin PWM ports on your motherboard and shortens the cable length between the fans. We’ve also included two 900mm PWM cables for you to easily manage your cables while assembling your build.

Solid Structure for Better Performance

The new CT Series fan frames are crafted to be steady and robust so the fan won’t deform easily. We have also modified the exterior design to allow the fans to fit the chassis or radiator even better, so there won’t be gaps for air to slip through.

A little Surprise for Extra Security

CT Series Fans are equipped with four round undetachable anti-vibration rubber pads on each of the fan’s corners. They are designed to be stable and dampen the fan’s vibration, allowing the fans to spin at a higher speed under certain noise levels.

P/N CL-F148-PL14BL-A
型番 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Started Voltage 5 V
定格電流 0.17 A (one fan)
Rated Voltage 12 V
入力電源 2.04 W (one fan)
ファンスピード PWM 500~1500 R.P.M
最大風圧 2.3 mm-H2O
最大風量 77.37 CFM
ノイズレベル 30.5 dB-A
ベアリングタイプ Hydraulic Bearing
製品寿命 40,000 hrs,25℃
端子 4 PIN PWM
その他 PWM Cable x 2

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