Individually Sleeved Cable Kit - Gray
Individually Sleeved Cable Kit - Gray

Individually Sleeved Cable Kit - Gray


The individually sleeved cables provide a stylish look that seamlessly matches up with the interior of a computer chassis.

Individually Sleeved Cable Kit – Gray
The new Thermaltake individually sleeved cables are all engineered with black heat-shrinks to ensure high quality cable assembly and support for high currents to achieve great performance and stability.
Package contents
Cable Kit (Blue) PCS
Individually Sleeved 20+4Pin 1
Individually Sleeved 4+4Pin CPU (1x4+4Pin) 2
Individually Sleeved 6+2pin PCI-E (2x6+2pin) 4
Individually Sleeved SATA (4xSATA) 3
Individually Sleeved 4Pin Peripheral (4xPeripheral) 2
Enhanced Flexibility and Cable Management
The individually sleeved cables can help ease installation and optimize airflow.

Tt PSU Compatibility
* Toughpower Grand Series- 650W/750W/850W (Fully Modular)
* Toughpower Grand Series- 650W/750W/850W (Semi-Modular)
* Toughpower DPS G Series- 450W/550W/650W/750W/850W/1050W
* Toughpower Series- 550W/650W/750W (Semi-Modular)
* EVO Blue 2.0 Series- 650W/750W/850W
* Smart SE Series- 530W/630W/730W
* Smart Series- 450W/550W/650W/750W/850W (Semi-Modular)


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