Massive A23 Massive A23 Massive A23 Massive A23 Massive A23 Massive A23 Massive A23
Massive A23

Massive A23


Built-in 120mm silent fan notebook cooler with USB cable management, supporting up to 16” gaming notebooks.

Thermaltake Massive A23 Notebook Cooler
The new Massive A23 is compatible with 16" gaming notebooks. By using steel mesh design and a 120mm silent fan, the Massive A23 delivers the best cooling performance. Also, the excellent ergonomic concept offers the most comfortable viewing angle as well as reinforces the experience in gaming battlefield.
Single Supreme Ventilation
A built-in 120mm silent fan not only enhances airflow, but also offers the best performance on heat dissipation of your gaming notebook when operating high-end GPU/CPU module.

Elegant Design
Steel mesh design reduces the wind resistance and noise, allowing optimal airflow to cool the notebook efficiently.

USB Cable Management and Extender

Unique USB cable management and extender are designed for easy organizing and extension to make working environment neat and tidy.

Ergonomic Concept
Ergonomic design utilized the most appropriate way for gamers with the best viewing angles. The height adjustment mechanism makes laptop gamers feel at ease anytime anywhere.

*Three adjustable angles: 15°, 30°, 60°
P/N CL-N013-PL12BL-A
Compatibility For 10”~ 16”Notebook
本体サイズ 350 x 260 x 32 mm
型番 120 x 120 x 18 mm
重量 622g
カラー Black
素材 Plastic + Metal mesh
定格電流 0.13A
Rated Voltage 5V
ファンスピード 1200±10%RPM
ノイズレベル 28 dBA
Air Flow 38 CFM
Static Pressure 0.93 mm-H2O

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  • 2016-03-24