Pure 12 C White Pure 12 C White Pure 12 C White Pure 12 C White Pure 12 C White
Pure 12 C White

Pure 12 C White


120mm high performance silent case fan with white fan blade color

Thermaltake Pure 12 C White
The new Thermaltake Pure 12C Series comes with reliable, stable performance and gorgeous vibrant style. With sleek fan blade design along with long life bearing, it guarantees ultra low noise. The Pure 12 C fans offer the perfect balance of silence, style and efficiency. Available in 4 fan blade colors to add up styles into the PC case.
Outstanding Performance
120 x 120 x 25mm thick for high airflow. Pure 12 C is designed toward long hours of low noise operation, so users can keep focused on the task at hand without the noise distraction.
Higher Airflow and Low Noise
Enlarged fan frame opening enhances inflow by 60%, fan speed up to 1000 rpm. The fan delivers exceptional airflow at a low noise level of 19.5 dBA.
Long-life Sleeve Bearing
With better stiffness, long-life sleeve bearings are suitable for moderate to high-speed applications, offering enhanced reliability and stability.

4 Fan Blade Colors
Users can choose from four vivid colors: white, yellow, red, and blue. Embellish the chassis in your own way with Pure 12 C Series.

P/N CL-F037-PL12WT-A
型番 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Started Voltage 9.0 V
定格電流 0.1 A
Rated Voltage 12 V
入力電源 1.2 W
ファンスピード 1000 R.P.M
最大風圧 0.61 mm-H2O
最大風量 40.997 CFM
ノイズレベル 19.5 dB-A
ベアリングタイプ Sleeve
製品寿命 30,000 hrs,25℃
端子 3 PIN
重量 115 g

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